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Sage surveyed business owners and discovered a common theme: using a mix of tools that are the wrong fit, not connected with each other, or both. We found among businesses in the U.S. with fewer than 10 employees:

  • 66% used three or more solutions to manage their business.
  • Spent (median cost) $250 per year.
  • Had accounting software with too many features.
  • Wanted, if they could fix one thing about the tools that manage their business, it would be to use one application that performs many functions.
  • Indicated the top problem caused by the use of multiple tools was that the same data has to be entered in multiple places.
  • 29% said they spend at least 25% of their time on business management tasks, rather than billable work.

Ideas to help

If the results above describe your business, consider taking some simple steps that will get you spending more time building your business rather than running it:

  1. Make a list of the software and apps you use.
  2. Review the list for any redundancies.
  3. See if you can consolidate among your different applications; a company you're already using might software that meets other needs while connecting easily.
  4. With some of the apps or software, you can contact the creator to determine if those tools connect with your other solutions.
  5. Get instructions for setting up the connections.
  6. Consider a new tool that does everything you need or easily connects to your other solutions.

Reducing software and keeping your data in one place saves time, money, and errors from happening. It also improves customer satisfaction.

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